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Writing and Moving
Students stretch after Claire Porter's workshop on Writing and Moving.

Students stretch after Claire Porter’s workshop on Writing and Moving.

To write about someone writing about dance is a little intimidating. Especially when that someone has the breadth of experience of Claire Porter.

Porter takes the term ‘mover and shaker’ and turns it on it’s head. Her bio is thick with the two letter state abbreviations where she has performed and taught. She’s no stranger to Columbus, either, having received her MA in Dance from Ohio State.

Workshop participants first created a body of text, (both individually, then as a group) whereupon movement and gesture were added to accompany those words or syllables.

Participants in Claire Porter's workshop on Writing and Moving assign gestures to words and syllables.

Participants in Claire Porter’s workshop on Writing and Moving assign gestures to words and syllables.

In this audio clip, workshop attendees remix the agreed upon text.


Leigh Lotocki plays with a gesture

Leigh Lotocki plays with a gesture

Workshop participants manipulate their dance partners

Workshop participants manipulate their dance partners

Writing and Moving

Making decisions on the direction

It’s obvious the writing influences the dance in a very direct way, but from my brief exposure to the concept I’m unsure as to whether the same holds true in reverse. If I can’t tell after tomorrow night’s performance, perhaps you’ll see another sound byte straight from the source.

As this blog develops, I’ll be interested in seeing how ‘writing and photography’ change my approach to image making. To date, the pictures have always come first. I’ve really only tried my hand at the editorial style once before. There’s still so much to learn.


The Eyes Have It
July 9, 2014, 1:41 AM
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The Eyes Have It Coco Loupe at Taking Place Columbus

The Eyes Have It

Round 2 at Taking Place Columbus.

Taking Place is a kind of homecoming for guest artist CoCo Loupe. While she currently resides in Baton Rouge, La, CoCo’s legacy from her time in Columbus can still be seen and experienced at Feverhead in Grandview.

During the rehearsal on Fishnetting/Repetition and Composition CoCo often brought up the eyes as additional actors within one’s movement, a sentiment that was also repeated throughout Peter Kyle’s instruction on Slow Tempo.

Coco Loupe provides instruction at Taking Place Columbus

The direction of gaze implies intention

I took a moment to ask CoCo about the parallels between the two classes, and what the eyes mean to her within the context of dance.

CoCo and I have worked on many projects together. My favorite was when I asked if she would be the Sun.
It’s good to see you again.

Surveying movement at Taking Place Columbus

Surveying movement


In the seven years I have been photographing dance I’ve been exposed to a lot of lingo. Given the opportunity to stretch, I might not even hurt myself if I tried to arabesque. However, fishnetting is a term that I have never come across before. Now, I’m a big fan of fishnets, but I’m pretty sure that’s not what this class is about. Let’s just get the description straight from the source…

CoCo demonstrates movement

CoCo demonstrates movement

fishnetting with coco loupe

Fishnetting, Repetition and Composition

Personally, I would love a raw material generator.

Scott at Taking Place

Scott Kaltenbaugh creates his own movement, pulling creative bits from CoCo’s demonstration.