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Slow Tempo

slow tempo warm up

Warming up to move slow

The Short North Stage is hosting a dance residency for the first two weeks of July, and the community is encouraged to stop by and participate/spectate/documentate. (I know it’s not a word, but…)

In my first drop-in experience at Taking PLace Columbus I was introduced to Peter Kyle. Peter teaches Slow Tempo, a discipline developed by Japanese theater director Shogo Ohta, best known for his silent plays. The July 13th presentation, the last for the Taking PLace residency, will mark 7 years since Ohta’s passing. Come out to the 11th and 12th performances to see what develops from this methodology.

I recorded the three hour session at 1fps, with video playback at 24fps. Noah Demland was on hand to provide percussive ambience, though for the most part the actions were taken in relative silence. Awareness of the AC units, passing sirens, and a brief but unexpected rainfall spattering on the roof all seemed amplified in the cavernous theatre.

The resulting video was shot as a time lapse. No audio has been added so that it does not compete with the movement.


While the camera was working, I was able to witness some wonderful emotions fight their way out of some of the dancers. As was being taught in the class, sometimes you just have to put the camera down and be in the moment.

taking place rehearsal in Slow Tempo

“Calm the eyes, it reveals a speedy inner dialog” Peter Kyle has students walk three sides of a square at a snail’s pace.



Taking time to be thoughtful about your movements, actions, and the stories they tell falls right in line with a current personal project of mine, One Sentence.


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[…] During the rehearsal on Fishnetting/Repetition and Composition CoCo often brought up the eyes as additional actors within one’s movement, a sentiment that was also repeated throughout Peter Kyle’s instruction on Slow Tempo. […]

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